I have done charity for 3 years ask me anything

Sifa Mla Son
Nov 11, 2017

am the founder of the voice of the African child i began this ministry while i was still living in the street as a street boy, to the glory of God i overcame all and i had promise God to share the little He will give me with His childrens and thats why i feed streetkids every month not less than 1000 kids.. i need more fund to help more kids ask me anythinghttps://www.facebook.com/teamvoic/

Sifa Mla Son says:

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Update (Nov 13, 1:35PM EST):

Sifa Mla Son says:

feeding streetkids is what i do. have done it for 3 years, and i believe you can supprt us with funds so that we can feed more kids.. ask me anything

Update (Nov 13, 1:35PM EST):

Sifa Mla Son says:

feeding streetkids is what i do. have done it for 3 years, and i believe you can supprt us with funds so that we can feed more kids.. ask me anything

Update (Nov 18, 3:18PM EST):

Sifa Mla Son says:

I do streetfeeding,I feed street kids ask me anything 

Update (Nov 18, 3:18PM EST):

Sifa Mla Son says:

I do streetfeeding,I feed street kids ask me anything 

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When is your next feeding programme?

Nov 14, 10:43AM EST0

feed streetkids is my passion ask me anything

Nov 13, 1:28PM EST0

How do you feel after doing charity for 3 years?

Nov 11, 3:13PM EST0

Am happy I enjoy it and it has become my lifestyle.. that's why I want to continue

Nov 12, 12:08AM EST0

What satisfies you the most?

Nov 10, 10:39AM EST0

What really satisfies me is after have done with feeding I always feel comfatable.. I can't do without feeding I must help someone for my day to be okey..

So feeding streetkids satisfies me a lot

Nov 10, 11:38AM EST0

Would you say volunteering offers you a way to give back to the world?

Nov 10, 8:41AM EST0


Nov 10, 8:55AM EST0

What do your family think of what you do?

Nov 10, 8:14AM EST0

My family have no choice because is my calling they have to support

Nov 10, 8:56AM EST0

Do you think you will ever have your own project to run, helping those less fortunate?

Nov 10, 8:08AM EST0

Thanks actually my vision

Nov 10, 8:56AM EST0

What have you learned from this experience?

Nov 10, 7:35AM EST0

The best thing have learned is Nothing is impossible in life.. anyone can become someone

Nov 10, 8:02AM EST0

How long do you see yourself doing this for?

Nov 10, 5:41AM EST0

This is my calling is a lifetime event this will be there till generation to generations

Nov 10, 8:01AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 10, 5:28AM EST0

Am from kenya

Nov 10, 8:00AM EST0

What inspires you the most when you do charity?

Nov 10, 4:24AM EST0

Mostly when I see the children have helped change their mind .. mostly I deal with mindset.. streetkids is a bit different from going to children's home and talk to the kids.. streetkids you must look for a way of dealing with them because let's not forget most of the street kids are drug addicts so when i change one child mindset that really motivates me a lot

Nov 10, 5:18AM EST0

Could I lose my government benefits if I volunteer?

Nov 10, 3:24AM EST0

No you can't infact it will be better so we can spread the ministry all over

Nov 10, 3:35AM EST0

How do you survive as an unpaid volunteer?

Nov 10, 2:55AM EST0

Before I began feeding officially i use to work at a centain company  . I learned earlier not use all the salary. So from day one my mind has been so much focuse on giving back ..so I use to save money , i knew one day I will come to start feeding officially.. now i have put it official and I enjoy this life style Honestly God as never cease to pay me back through well wishers

Nov 10, 3:20AM EST0

What is your background?

Nov 10, 2:33AM EST0

I was born with both parents but unfortunately they pass away.. it forced me to live in tne street as a street boy for 12 years but today by grace of God my life as change  totally I mean am a testimony to many ..

Nov 10, 3:13AM EST0

how many people have you helped?

Nov 9, 11:47PM EST0

As we are talking now have helped 43 kids have removed them from the streets now their on school, their living in a good place .. the  money well wishers contribute is the one I use to pay their bills you can visit our page on face and check what we have done.. (facebook page.. team voice of the African Child)

Nov 10, 2:57AM EST0

How much time do you usually volunteer per month?

Nov 9, 9:51PM EST0

I do streetfeeding every month and the day before the event I usually spend time with those kids at night just talking to them encouraging them..then the day of even I spend minimum of 4hours

Nov 9, 9:55PM EST0

What makes you want to work in the Charity sector?

Nov 9, 7:39PM EST0

Charity to me is like a calling I was raised in the Street I was a street boy.. no matter how hard I try to ignore it I will found myself doing charity... to me is a calling is something inside me and also am giving thanks to God by doing it because one of the promises I promised God I will feed His children's back in the streets.

Nov 9, 9:37PM EST0

Can you gain qualifications through volunteering work?

Nov 9, 6:08PM EST0

in voluntering such work like this i dont believe theres qualification what you need is a giving heart a lovely heart.. esspecially me i would to with many people who like to volunteer

Nov 9, 6:33PM EST0

i have another streetfeeding this month and i need more fund who can help

support this organization ask me anything

Nov 9, 5:47PM EST0

i feed minimum of 1000 streets every month 

Nov 9, 5:32PM EST0

How much time do you spend on charity?

Nov 9, 5:23PM EST0

i spend minimum of 4 hours

Nov 9, 5:26PM EST0

What has been your biggest motivation?

Nov 9, 5:22PM EST0

my biggest motivation is when i see the  child that have mentored making stop using drugs and giving his life to Christ

Last edited @ Nov 9, 5:40PM EST.
Nov 9, 5:29PM EST0

Have you ever been scared through one of your volunteering ventures?

Nov 9, 5:13PM EST1

yeaa this work if you dont have faith is very scary beacuse your dealing with people who are drug addicts .. so you must have that courage

Nov 9, 5:37PM EST0
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